Feeling ridiculous

Feeling faintly ridiculous as I wrap my paprika in plentiful plastic bags, ready to be stuffed into my small suitcase.

paprika, la dalia pimentón de la vera, Spain, hiking, Spanish cuisine
Poor obscured paprika

My tiny cabin bag contains fleeces, lots of layers, a head torch and an emergency blanket (my walking friends and I are not extreme hiking but we are a bunch of mums who have occasional slightly sensible thoughts about safety), and now into the case goes…. La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera.

I’m hiking, not cooking. But I’m taking pimentón. Because I made a promise. Thing is I made that paprika promise whilst basking in the afterglow of a  wonderful road trip when I rustled up food on a camping stove. And happily added paprika whenever I wished.

No such plans to cook this weekend. Instead we dream of sampling some authentic Spanish cuisine in a simple restaurant, ravenous and  wonderfully weary after a long day’s hike in the mountains. Perhaps with some warming Rioja to wash it down. Surely our food will be permeated with paprika in any case, being a star in any Spanish dish.

Paprika, Pimentón de la Vera, Spain, Spanish cuisine, oranges, hiking
Such as this paprika plateful of fruit

So before I sit on my suitcase to ensure it is firmly shut, do you agree that I take my paprika? Or should my prudent thoughts prevail: Will you get it past security? And if you do – won’t it sprinkle red powder all over the contents of your case by the time you reach Spain? Ridiculous!

Ha! Maybe. But I’m still taking my pimentón. If I end up a deep red colour hiking up a Spanish mountain, so be it. It would certainly be an ice-breaker should we meet other walkers. They might conclude I am a little odd, but as I am travelling with the aptly named Fit as a Fruitcake, they will not only be right, but lucky enough to “enjoy” a double dose.

I’m signing off now in order to pack my paprika, sit on my suitcase, and set my alarm for the unsavoury hour of 3.30am. Before I do all of those things, please stay with me for just another moment….

A friend told me there was something missing on Have Paprika, Will Travel: a BUY button. If there was such a button, would you press on it?

La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera, Extremadura, Spain
Can I tempt you?

If I receive sufficient affirmatives, I might have a little conversation with my friends at La Dalia, and see what I can do…..after all, I don’t have to be selfish and keep this delicious pimentón all to myself 😉


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