Puttanesca Heat

Gutsy. Sharp. Piquant. Robust. Bold. Strong. Intense. To be eaten in “slatternly style” (Nigella). An Italian sauce that provokes these appetising adjectives from all sorts of food writers has to be tried. I doubt this delectably simple dish of earthy goodness is new to you. My first taste of Spaghetti alla Puttanesca was enjoyed at my mother’s … More Puttanesca Heat

It was Indigobell Time in Kent

In 1964 “It was bluebell time in Kent.” Today, we narrowly missed the Bluebell Body Art (the models were taking a warming rug-wrapped break), but the arias by Mozart and Puccini sung by soprano Marisa di Muro on Friday were sublime. Riverhill Himalayan Gardens‘s Festival of Bluebells has this week celebrated this ancient flower, and encouraged these (overheard) children’s thoughts. “Bluebells are much lovelier when … More It was Indigobell Time in Kent

A red-faced National Garlic Day (or is it?)

A Red Foreword My husband told me that he likes the way I highlight some words in my posts in paprika red. He did not understand the onward journey these words take. For the avoidance of doubt – the red is a happy coincidence; all words in red are clickable and will lead you to other pages that I nerdishly like, or want to … More A red-faced National Garlic Day (or is it?)

Riverhill Days

Wafts of Wild Garlic reach us before we see the fresh green leaves springing up from the verges of the uphill pathway. We bag a few fragrant blades (permission sought and granted) to blitz into pesto later. Taking the trail up into the woods, we find dens to suit each and every design taste. If none fits the bill, then simply remodel … More Riverhill Days