Making Manakish

In the Levant (so I’ve heard), people take their own za’atar to the local baker, where it is mixed with olive oil, then smeared onto flatbread dough and baked for a few minutes until crispy brown but with a lovely softness inside. These manakish (or man’ousheh in the singular) are very good for breakfast. Za’atar is both … More Making Manakish

Snow run

First snow run of the season. Freezing low mist merges with the white-flecked ground. I skid down a mud-slush path, then skate to the side in search of firmer footing. There is none. It’s a hop, skip and slide run. Only a few well-wrapped walkers and some skittish deer are out, plus a father and … More Snow run

A Serious Case of Escapism

In an attempt to take my life a little more seriously than I habitually do, I make coffee, then grab a pen and a whimsically-covered notebook. I plonk random pieces of fruit next to me for colour and inspiration, and read snippets of this fabulously escapist and informative book (another Oxfam bookshop gem). Funny and … More A Serious Case of Escapism