Views of Venice

A curious thing – a writing challenge prompted by this photo: A task that takes me straight back to my schooldays, and an English lesson that begins silently with a starkly white opening line on a squeaky clean blackboard (such as): Some might call it luck that she had taken a turn down this street.  So this feels like something … More Views of Venice

Luffa Leaves

There is no doubt that Bettie was right: luffa plants are easy to grow – even in the cooler climes of Kent. See today’s happy and unexpected proof … Two small curls of fresh green leaves, one not yet fully unfurled from the poor soil that has nourished it. My careless chucking of seeds in a random pot has … More Luffa Leaves

Smoke in Bettie’s Eyes

Bettie’s skirt skims the flames as she steps past a steaming pot that is balanced on three blackened stones. She reaches for a wooden spoon, then turns and fans the fire as she skates by again. Giggling at my gasp for her safety, Bettie crouches to prod the sizzling potatoes, and is engulfed by swirls of smoke. She emerges, repeatedly wiping her eyes, and admits … More Smoke in Bettie’s Eyes