Not a Treeo

This elegant isolation of trees centres my wavering resolve.  I see it just ahead before the path veers down and the next upward incline hides it from view. Down I run, then my steps slow as the hill rises, and I pass dawdling deer busily grazing. Keep going: at the top are the trees. Head facing down as I go up, I … More Not a Treeo

The Hat, Madrid

Agreed: we all wanted to go back to The Hat, Madrid. Just for one night before flying home on New Year’s Day. Why? “Because of the Rooftop Bar!” says No. 3 (aged 10) wistfully. “It’s shut in the winter”, I explain with a sigh, sipping my morning tea and thinking Like mother, like daughter – is that … More The Hat, Madrid

Sunday Breather

Sunshine, glorious sunshine. Warming the soul after yesterday’s relentlessly driving wind and rain. Freedom to run through sticky mud and along bright paths, with a passing, respectful stop for a majestic White Stag. Headspace. Followed by family time. A walk to blast the cobwebs away  (with some ninja-style tae kwondo for good measure…No. 4). Then garlicky soup. Knole … More Sunday Breather

Running Itchy Feet Away?

I’m at home, not away. It’s wet and windy. Sometimes black clouds of rain are whisked away to be replaced by more, permitting only the slimmest slivers of sunlight to bravely brighten the landscape for a brief moment. Icy shards of rain sting my face, and the wind gusts against me, slowing my stride. I’m running as if against the tide, … More Running Itchy Feet Away?