Luffa Leaves

There is no doubt that Bettie was right: luffa plants are easy to grow – even in the cooler climes of Kent. See today’s happy and unexpected proof …

Malawi, Africa, Malawian plants,, ndiwo, cabbage, kabichi, maize, greens, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, luffa plant, luffa seeds, sponge, waste, sustainability, travelTwo small curls of fresh green leaves, one not yet fully unfurled from the poor soil that has nourished it.

My careless chucking of seeds in a random pot has worked – probably aided more by this week’s hit of a heatwave than anything I have (not) done.

No Spanish plume is promised (despite speculation), so there is no guarantee that these little luffas will continue to grow to be like this …

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But so far, so surprisingly good. You never know what might happen next.

More on the luffa plant.

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