No, I didn’t take my paprika with me. Sure, I was thinking about it 2 minutes before walking out of the door. And yes, I was checking my inbox for a message from La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera 30 minutes later on the train. But my small rucksack was fully packed with the kind … More #noordinarypark

A Virtual Visit to Italy (with a nod to Spain)

What to do with wanderlust when vast sweeps of the foreseeable future are charted with school and work commitments, and the calendar is crammed with highly important must-dos? Well, there are always other ways to enjoy travel… I discovered a treasure in our local Oxfam bookshop, high up on a display shelf. Its title drew me up … More A Virtual Visit to Italy (with a nod to Spain)

Responsible travel from the dentist’s chair (nearly)

A trip to the dentist isn’t exactly the stuff personal travel blogs are made of. But thanks to the poor patient ahead of me (whose time in the dentist’s chair became a more protracted affair than anticipated), I was given a few extra minutes to peruse this month’s edition of the National Geographic Traveller magazine, which was lying neatly … More Responsible travel from the dentist’s chair (nearly)

Jesús and his caballos

Having promised to share the reasons why our Spanish summer holiday (and the paprika) prompted me to take this scary step of starting Have Paprika, Will Travel, here is the blog post that first appeared on the Snoob website http://www.snoob.co.uk/blog/horse-riding-to-ben-fogle-sort-of. For the sake of those kind people who have already read it via Snoob, please forgive my repetition. I … More Jesús and his caballos

Why Paprika?

It didn’t start with the paprika…the pimentón…this pretty Spanish tin of dark red powder that I brought home from Extremadura.  But I always take paprika with me on holiday wherever I go, and this particular tin and its promise of sprinkled sweet spice got me thinking. … More Why Paprika?