International Day of Happiness – really?

I expect that the idea of International Happiness Day 2018 will summon a sneer of disdain from my sceptical sixteen-year old (writes his cynical mother) … I learn about today’s significance in the village shop, where one fellow customer observes, “I’d quite like to be happy tomorrow as well.” Me too. The day isn’t going well in … More International Day of Happiness – really?

Schneelauf Nummer Zwei

Snow run number 2, featuring my favourite Treeo. And a welcome pitstop at Otto’s coffee house. Before the snowball fight begins. I love them, but when will they go back to school? Schneelauf Nummer 1 here.

Schneelauf and Chocolate

I’m training for Berlin so I’m running in German. It’s a Schneelauf (snow run).   I’m walking with my daughter so I’m talking in English. It’s a snow walk.   I’m home warming up with a chocolate brownie bake-up. Good in any language.    

A Walk in the Park

Cold, bright and still. It was all about light, shadows and textures at Knole today. A brisk run for me and a walk in the park for the deer.  

Winter blues whispers and prickly tennis balls

The evening light is leaving us, and the nights are growing cold, but colours like these keep winter blues whispers at bay. I find crabapple red. And sweet chestnut green and brown. Pretty for decoration or delicious for dinner. (Just be careful when scuttling over a sweet chestnut carpet. It’s like negotiating carelessly strewn prickly … More Winter blues whispers and prickly tennis balls

Icy alien deer

0°C. Feels colder – the low-lying sun is lovely but barely warming. Icy white Knole Park with a lunar stillness. I even find alien deer. Curling fronds of fern are heavy with spiky frost, and spectre-like shadows reach across the earth. The newcomer deer has one – but mine is longer. Tomorrow’s forecast is for more of the same, … More Icy alien deer

Running thoughts

  Weather: Gusty. A short spell of rain shards hits my face. Golden sunshine at start and end. Delaying tactics: lots – I don’t fancy this run much. Frightened runners: one (very sorry) – totally freaked out by me running past her, too near and unannounced. Thoughts: Mustn’t think about whether my legs will or won’t work – … More Running thoughts

Friday Frolic

Friday run – Knole Park Conditions: Cold, bright, sunny. Muddy streaks. Dog-walkers & their owners: 6 Deer: lots – eking out the warmth of a low, watery sun. One striking stag. Workmen not yet working: about 6 Photo fails: a few. Sounds: wind piercing, leaves rustling, tea sloshing (internal). Thoughts: Should have had a smaller cup of … More Friday Frolic