Views of Venice

A curious thing – a writing challenge prompted by this photo: A task that takes me straight back to my schooldays, and an English lesson that begins silently with a starkly white opening line on a squeaky clean blackboard (such as): Some might call it luck that she had taken a turn down this street.  So this feels like something … More Views of Venice

Puttanesca Heat

Gutsy. Sharp. Piquant. Robust. Bold. Strong. Intense. To be eaten in “slatternly style” (Nigella). An Italian sauce that provokes these appetising adjectives from all sorts of food writers has to be tried. I doubt this delectably simple dish of earthy goodness is new to you. My first taste of Spaghetti alla Puttanesca was enjoyed at my mother’s … More Puttanesca Heat

A Virtual Visit to Italy (with a nod to Spain)

What to do with wanderlust when vast sweeps of the foreseeable future are charted with school and work commitments, and the calendar is crammed with highly important must-dos? Well, there are always other ways to enjoy travel… I discovered a treasure in our local Oxfam bookshop, high up on a display shelf. Its title drew me up … More A Virtual Visit to Italy (with a nod to Spain)