Pockets of Warmth

It turns out to be yet another beautifully frozen morning, but with a change. Mild pockets of air peel away my layers as I run. It’s something of a surprise – like when swimming in the open sea and suddenly slipping into a shaft of soft warm water from cold – or the tell-tale heat of a … More Pockets of Warmth

Crazy Ronda Tapas

The chef-owner of De Locos Tapas looks at each of my children, one by one, until his intent gaze forces their eyes to meet his. He advises them to banish their phones. If they don’t, he will – because they are here to engage in conversation with their parents, and share and enjoy the food that he will bring us. Half-laughing … More Crazy Ronda Tapas

Barbadillo Boy

I am not indulging in a Dry January, but an attempt at Austerity January has almost amounted to the same thing. Feeding ourselves from the contents of the freezer and cupboards, with as few forays to the shops as possible, is fast depleting our stocks of everything. Including wine. Imagine the unbridled delight when my youngest son finally unpacked his … More Barbadillo Boy