Happy New Year.

Barbadillo Boy

I am not indulging in a Dry January, but an attempt at Austerity January has almost amounted to the same thing. Feeding ourselves from the contents of the freezer and cupboards, with as few forays to the shops as possible, is fast depleting our stocks of everything. Including wine. Imagine the unbridled delight when my youngest son finally unpacked his … More Barbadillo Boy

Truth time, Santa.

Kitchen table chaos: mealtime bad manners, piles of still unpenned Christmas cards now tastefully texturised with crumbs, chat about clever packing for our second Spanish Christmas.  “I think you put too much in our Christmas stockings last year, Mum.” offers No. 2. I am grateful for his helpful attitude (in suggesting an easy way to lighten the luggage). BUT No. … More Truth time, Santa.