Truth time, Santa.

Kitchen table chaos: mealtime bad manners, piles of still unpenned Christmas cards now tastefully texturised with crumbs, chat about clever packing for our second Spanish Christmas.  “I think you put too much in our Christmas stockings last year, Mum.” offers No. 2. I am grateful for his helpful attitude (in suggesting an easy way to lighten the luggage). BUT No. … More Truth time, Santa.

Fallen but not forgotten

Friday night – an urgent whatsapp request pings in – information is wanted in Belgium. No.2 needs to know everything there is to know about his great-great-great uncle who died during the First World War. Was it here – in Ypres? Fact #1 – Ypres (otherwise known by its Dutch name Ieper) was once a pretty town boasting ancient roots. … More Fallen but not forgotten