Cloudberry Hospitality

Cloudberries – a name that conjures up an ephemeral, sweet and delicate flavour. Grown only in the wild, cloudberries crave acidic soil and moist conditions, and thrive in the cooler climes of Norway’s hills and fjords. They are a hardy delicacy that can withstand temperatures plummeting to -40°C. Such a seasonal and sought after speciality only comes free if you … More Cloudberry Hospitality

Oslo – Utepils, Vikings and Monty Python

Our bickerthon ends the second we see our son’s sunny, smiling face soaring out of school. He opens the car door just as our faces remember to match his. We turn to his bright words: “Dad – we’re going to OSLO!” The tired Friday afternoon traffic doesn’t slow him at all. His mind is zipping with thoughts of seafaring Vikings – … More Oslo – Utepils, Vikings and Monty Python