About me (us)

There are six of us … that’s how it started. The photos below are now old, the kids are now big, and I am now silver not grey.

I write, and I’ve been using this blog as a diary of sorts – and practice ground – since 2015.

I am currently working on a story set in Spain. It was going to be a novella and very light, but now it’s longer and becoming very dark.

For old time’s sake, here are the photos that I first put here.

Me (Becky).

Llanes, Porrúa, Asturias, Celtic, beaches, playas, Playa de Andrín, Andrín, Spain, España, holidays, Northern Spain, Cantabria, Picos de Europa, family travel, kids, travel, cider, sidra, trabanco, Atlantic, sea, seaside, la sierra de cuera, Playa de Palombina, Celorio, bolo palma, la bolero, bar la bolero, sidrería, Sidrería la Peña ‘l Cura, airbnb, Brittany ferries, portsmouth, santander

The husband, who tells a good yarn and makes a mean negroni.

profile, about me, blog, travel, family, have paprika

No.1. Has a grudging respect for scorpions. No longer the child in this photo, and no further photos permitted.

profile, about me, blog, travel, family, have paprika

No.2. Likes to talk. Understands his dad’s mantra: never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Also grown into an adult.

travel, travelling, family, blog, blogger, travel blog, kids, wanderlust, travelogue, travel bug

No.3. Has three brothers. Is gradually accepting that this might be a good thing.

profile, about me, blog, travel, family, have paprika

No.4. Paradoxically small but big. Getting bigger.


We argue a lot and get on each other’s nerves.

There are moments, though, when it works out.


Here’s home.

5 thoughts on “About me (us)

  1. Thanks for following Displaced Beachbums. It gave me a chance to link back and check out your blog. Very nice. I look forward to future posts (can catching up with previous ones).


  2. Hi you six,
    I am excited to let you know that I have nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. I am glad to have come across your blog. Have a look at my recent post for the rules, questions, etc. I hope you will accept the nomination. Congratulations!


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