Icy alien deer

0°C. Feels colder – the low-lying sun is lovely but barely warming. Icy white Knole Park with a lunar stillness. I even find alien deer. Curling fronds of fern are heavy with spiky frost, and spectre-like shadows reach across the earth. The newcomer deer has one – but mine is longer. Tomorrow’s forecast is for more of the same, … More Icy alien deer

Running thoughts

  Weather: Gusty. A short spell of rain shards hits my face. Golden sunshine at start and end. Delaying tactics: lots – I don’t fancy this run much. Frightened runners: one (very sorry) – totally freaked out by me running past her, too near and unannounced. Thoughts: Mustn’t think about whether my legs will or won’t work – … More Running thoughts

Friday Frolic

Friday run – Knole Park Conditions: Cold, bright, sunny. Muddy streaks. Dog-walkers & their owners: 6 Deer: lots – eking out the warmth of a low, watery sun. One striking stag. Workmen not yet working: about 6 Photo fails: a few. Sounds: wind piercing, leaves rustling, tea sloshing (internal). Thoughts: Should have had a smaller cup of … More Friday Frolic