It was Indigobell Time in Kent

In 1964 “It was bluebell time in Kent.

Today, we narrowly missed the Bluebell Body Art (the models were taking a warming rug-wrapped break), but the arias by Mozart and Puccini sung by soprano Marisa di Muro on Friday were sublime.

Riverhill Himalayan Gardens‘s Festival of Bluebells has this week celebrated this ancient flower, and encouraged these (overheard) children’s thoughts.

Bluebells are much lovelier when they are together.

They should actually be called Indigobells.

No photo or painting ever quite captures the transient beauty of a bluebell blanket in the woods, but the combined effect of its sight and scent endures, and keeps us snapping.

So here is our Indigobell time in Kent.

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More on the bluebell here (including why people used them in the Bronze Age).

If you’d like to know who wrote “It was bluebell time in Kent.“, it was the “people’s judge” Lord Denning. He used accessible (to the layman) language in his many judgments, and was something of a controversial law maker. He died aged 100 in 1999. More on him here.





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