Why Paprika?

IMG_5707It didn’t exactly start with paprika…pimentón…this pretty Spanish tin of dark red powder that I brought home from Extremadura, but I always take paprika with me wherever I go on holiday, and this particular tin of sweet spice got me thinking.

Our holiday in Spain this summer was very special. It reawakened my love of travel and languages. I have visited a few places, have some knowledge of a handful of foreign languages (knowledge that ranges from the very basic attempts of a struggling tourist to almost fluent in one), and feel like I’m barely scratching the surface of this earth. I have a family that is growing up fast, and I’d like them to share my love of exploring different countries and cultures. I sense my kids are starting to get hooked…wanderlust is a wonderful thing…

So I have made myself a promise to ride the wave and take my tin of paprika with me, with my family, wherever we go. The pimentón will be our mascot, and add a splash of spice.

This blog is not that of a seasoned traveller: we are not an endlessly globetrotting family that takes on epic journeys. Not everyone can do that, or has the inclination to do so. So don’t expect pearls of wisdom on every aspect of travel or blog posts from the far reaches of the earth (yet). The aim of this online diary, a place where I will share my jotted notes about places…languages…wildlife….food, is to ensure that I fulfil my promise to travel more and seize the day.

Will it become a source of inspiration to others (maybe you?), who also enjoy travel and seek to have life-affirming and thought-provoking experiences? I hope so. That would be a boon.

I reckon you could inspire me too. I welcome your input: are you a veteran voyager who has travelled the world and the seven seas, or are you brand new parents braving your first family camping experience (enjoy!)? Please share your surprising facts, useful tips, entertaining stories and beautiful photos. If physical travel is out of the question for you, tell me about a chapter of a book that takes you elsewhere.

To break the ice, here are some (reasonably random) questions I have:

Do you speak Czech? If so, what’s the word for “snow”? Just in case I happen to visit Bohemia in the middle of winter.

When you are bang smack in the middle of Tokyo, how far is it to the countryside, and how would you get there very quickly? Again, just in case. For example, I might suddenly begin to suffer from urbanphobia (does that exist?) whilst visiting the Japanese capital (random but actually possible).

How hot is hot in the Australian outback?

Where do you find the very best ragu alla bolognese in Bologna? Dare anyone suggest it can be found elsewhere?

Ok, so next up is the Spanish holiday that fired up this blog…shall we go?

PS I thank Gwen Coppens of Finca las Cañadas for the introduction to the Pimentón de la Vera.


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