The seaward-looking statue that sits at the Battle of Britain Memorial to the east of Folkestone wears a flying jacket which purposefully obscures both his nationality and rank. One-fifth of Fighter Command battling against the German offensive was not British, and most airmen were inexperienced. This pilot’s unwavering gaze in the face of an unremitting … More Scramble

Tame in Kent

An escape to Kent seems a bit tame at just an hour down the road and without leaving our home county, but we Kentish Maids and Men are venturing to where the Men and Maids of Kent reside. So it should be a little different … Day One keeps us indoors with Storm Dennis lashing … More Tame in Kent

European Gardeners

Just as Brexit discussions are finally commencing in Brussels, four Europeans are executing a complete transformation of our garden, in full blast of a fierce heatwave. They toil determinedly for long hours, sweat trickling in streams down their temples. Cheerful and polite, they unearth and present us with museum pieces from the last century which … More European Gardeners

Oslo – Utepils, Vikings and Monty Python

Our bickerthon ends the second we see our son’s sunny, smiling face soaring out of school. He opens the car door just as our faces remember to match his. We turn to his bright words: “Dad – we’re going to OSLO!” The tired Friday afternoon traffic doesn’t slow him at all. His mind is zipping with thoughts of seafaring Vikings – … More Oslo – Utepils, Vikings and Monty Python

Brussels Calling

I’m waiting for my boys to come home from Brussels. They departed on a very early Eurostar train on Saturday. We saw a beautiful sunrise as we drove along the motorway to Ashford International, listening soberly to the radio with its half-hourly news bulletins still focusing on the recent attacks that had hit the Belgian capital. My boys have had … More Brussels Calling