Ajo Blanco becomes Mazamorra

Ajo Blanco looks and tastes greater than the sum of its parts: white garlic and blanched almonds, together with day-old bread, extra virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar. Whizz. Thin with ice-cold water. Season with salt – that’s it. Sensationally simple. A recipe as old as the Moorish occupation of Andalucía, although apparently rooted deeper – without the almonds – in … More Ajo Blanco becomes Mazamorra

Crazy Ronda Tapas

The chef-owner of De Locos Tapas looks at each of my children, one by one, until his intent gaze forces their eyes to meet his. He advises them to banish their phones. If they don’t, he will – because they are here to engage in conversation with their parents, and share and enjoy the food that he will bring us. Half-laughing … More Crazy Ronda Tapas