Illegible but not Inedible

Yesterday’s fun freezer find was a decade old. The label was a little smudged but read: “Rhubarb and [something illegible] Crumble, 2010.

I asked some friends the question: “Should we?

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There came a mixed response from “Glad it’s not just me!” and “Definitely!” and “Must. Not. Waste. Crumble.” to “2010????????” (which I took to be a negative), followed by the phlegmatic sagacity of my Canadian cousin, “Bet it is enjoyed by all.

So, overwhelmingly positive and partially confessional. I learned about the Paxo stuffing mix from 1996, the wild rice with a ‘best before date‘ of 2017, and the 5 year old quiche which liquified in its entirety on being introduced to room temperature.

One friend said that – of course – she had a clear out before she moved house last year, so nothing to report there. To which I had to admit that our Crumble has moved house with us twice in 2012 and once in 2019, which indicates that either I thought one should never chuck a crumble, or I’m a hoarder. I suspect it’s a bit of both.

Back to the Crumble, which looked pretty good to me. And then I remembered its provenance. Boxing Day 2010, so actually only 9.5 years old. Big family gathering of three generations (all close together, and definitely within 2m of each other – how weird). Main course done, we’re all feeling happy, then out come the puds.

As usual, I’ve over-catered, but no matter as we’ll eat up all the leftovers. My mum has made pavlova or something chocolatey, someone else has provided ice cream and fruit, and I serve up the Crumble with pride (because I reckon this is a fine specimen). And then my sister-in-law says she dislikes rhubarb.

And that triggered the memory that the “something illegible” was ginger (which has long been believed to be medicinal, not just now).

Well, it tasted damn good, the Crumble that the Hoarder. Would. Not. Waste.

crumble, rhubarb, ginger, food, coronavirus, lockdown, 2020, good food, Kent, UK

I take a few things away from this episode:

  1. Hoarding is not always a bad thing.
  2. Friends assumed that “Should we?” meant “Should we eat?” not “Should we throw out?“. Interesting.
  3. Crumble can survive several moves in and out of a freezer for at least a decade.
  4. Old Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble is a winner. Especially when teamed with some ancient ice cream (chocolate, gluten-free, bought once when entertaining a friend who was coeliac). Decadent.
  5. I never bear a grudge. But I will also never forget that my sister-in-law is not fond of rhubarb.
crumble, food, coronavirus, lockdown, 2020, good food, Kent, UK

What’s in your freezer?

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