The Beginning

When Gwen and Bart found a parcel of land disconnected from the human world around it, in a lesser known area of Spain, they knew it was where they wanted to be, and they knew they could make it work.

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Nothing could be achieved without a power supply, and the obvious way to source this in sun-blessed Spain was via solar panels. Once they had done this, they were able to pump up water from a borehole (100m deep) into a huge tank. And with power and water sorted, Gwen and Bart could start to build. 

First came a shed to house the batteries that store the energy, the back up generator (yes, it can rain in Spain), and solar equipment. Then a big barn was constructed to store machinery and building materials, and which could be used for breeding lambs. Finally Gwen and Bart commenced work on their own home, an incremental process, as they gauged how best it should be configured to suit the needs of the farm.

Meanwhile safari tents were installed, a swimming pool was dug out, and the vegetable garden was established.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it. As Gwen and Bart say – thank goodness they got going at the age of 50.

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