Labels, chorizo and falling off the wagon.

Not long ago, my husband and I were discussing food, thinking through weekend meals. I suggested a chickeny something for the Saturday night. My husband agreed that this was a safe bet for the whole family, before remembering that I rarely eat meat nowadays. He said, “You’ve become a vegetarian really, haven’t you?”.

Except for the fact that I eat fish and have a strong weakness for chorizo, I pointed out. But more importantly (to me) – as I made clear to my husband – is that,

I don’t like to be labelled.

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He laughed heartily. It’s always a pleasure to make him chuckle so hard he clutches his sides, but I was being deadly serious.

Then I found out that there is a label for people like me. Apparently, I’m a flexitarian, and not original at all. Just one of a flock of 21% of all Britons who doesn’t even realise she’s part of Waitrose’s Trend #3.

Damn. I had so wanted to start 2019 differently.

At least I’ve not gone the whole hog by joining a record number undertaking Veganuary. Or been so reckless as to have embarked on the double whammy of a Dry Veganuary. By now, realising how mainstream I really am, I would probably have fallen off the wagon whilst reaching for this article on best vegan wines, or suggested a glorious Saturday night feast of steak and chips instead.

I might do both anyway.

A very Happy New Year to you (whatever label you wear).

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