Solstice Sky

A crouching figure stops me from going further. I don’t want to intrude on his sunrise; I retreat a little, and enjoy my own.

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Birdsong beckons another beautiful day, but Knole’s deer are elsewhere. It’s just me, the crouching stranger, and the sky.

A perfectly still summer solstice.

The man stands and starts to walk towards me, not too close, but he’s heading my way. I turn and walk too. Slowly, I leave the sunrise sky.

The gate of the parkland clangs shut behind me and I cross the road to my car. The man follows, making his own exit. He ambles down the road and disappears out of sight.

I pause for one last look back at Knole. The stranger reappears around the corner – he’s on my side of the road now. He stops and stares straight at me.

Should I be spooked? I don’t know – but I linger here no longer. I unlock my car, jump in, and scoot away.

Time for a cup of tea in my garden.

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