Bis gleich, Berlin

Crikey, today we go. Time to make a plan. Three nights in Berlin with two (too cool for school) 15 year old boys (men?) and my brother.

There is much ground to cover – Berlin is a big city (population 3.5m) with a complicated, turbulent history (not just 20th century), and a 21st century reputation for creativity and innovation. David Bowie was always ahead of his time – he knew it was the place to be.

It seems I’ve done okay with the basics – the location of the Grand Hostel Berlin. Lonely Planet tells me that the Kreuzberg district is “gritty but cool.” The teenagers will approve.

Last time I was here (in 1991) I bought a (purported) piece of the Berlin Wall. God knows where it is now.

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Berlin bound

Last time my brother was here, he stood on the Berlin Wall as the clock struck midnight on 31st December 1989.

Zeitgeist-hungry tourists crammed together with folk from all four quarters of East and West Berlin, jostling for space on the (fast disappearing) Wall – a scene of euphoria that would have been unthinkable just months earlier.

A chunk of history to share with our sons.

What else?

  • Checkpoint Charlie … the Brandenburg Gate … the Reichstag … and all the principal sites, including the Holocaust Memorial (with its controversial graffiti-resistant coating – produced by the same company that supplied Zyklon B for use in Nazi gas chambers).
  • Berlin is a cultural centre with its own Museum Island, but I’m guessing that the mile-long East Side Gallery – a stretch of the Berlin Wall featuring work by artists from all over the world – might be more up our street.
  • Sunday Karaoke in Mauerpark and nude sunbathing in the TiergartenVielleicht nicht (perhaps not). We might jog (clothed) though.
  • A Biergarten or two, a panoramic view, and a walk by the river Spree.
  • Some techno in (arguably) Europe’s clubbing capital? Our boys would soon learn the German for “embarrassing Dad dancing”.
  • And our own taste of the Zeitgeist with a Refugees Voices Tour.
  • Not forgetting to check out David Bowie’s old home. What a hero.

So a plan is fast forming, in time for us to take the train …

Bis gleich, Berlin

Who know’s if there are still spaces, but Saga Holidays are running a four night David Bowie tour of Berlin. It’s a bit pricey for us … we’re going to have to make it up as we go along …

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