Running thoughts


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Weather: Gusty. A short spell of rain shards hits my face. Golden sunshine at start and end.

Delaying tactics: lots – I don’t fancy this run much.

Frightened runners: one (very sorry) – totally freaked out by me running past her, too near and unannounced.

Thoughts: Mustn’t think about whether my legs will or won’t work – just keep going. Swedish meatballs. IKEA. Photos. Icy rain hurts. No.4’s question – why do we yawn: oxygen intake – a myth? Take food shopping off today’s list – no time.
News: Aleppo – Syria. The short but hard-hitting footage I saw last night. Mosul. There’s Yemen, Central African Republic, and South Sudan too. And countless other major and minor tragedies both closer to home and further afield.
My finish line is in sight – good – small steps.

Back home: Brain mulls over while I undertake everyday tasks. Feel more ignorant than I’d like to. Abandon chores to google news items. Amongst the big headlines, I read about a busy Syrian café in Germany that is staffed by refugees – a success amidst chaos, which makes a real difference (even if it seems small).

I am still preoccupied (unsettled?). I yawn, which prompts me to think again about No.4’s bright and early morning question. Apparently we yawn when we need to regulate the temperature of our brains. And the contagion factor is due to empathy. It’s a fascinating but deeply complex world out there.

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