Eggs, Champagne and León

Food is consuming me this week – the look of it, its texture, the way it tastes and smells, and where and how we eat it. I sift through pictures: platefuls of pasta, beautifully flavoured tapas, eggs on toast at a French campsite. I see bubbles rise in a glass of champagne.

We are going nowhere this month, so I am free to focus on what enriches and informs every trip we take.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This photographic timeline of nourishment takes me back to memorable meals, but I know there’s more to digest than a simple list of fondly remembered moments. Heck – there are entire books on the wider picture of food’s place in culture and its interplay with regional/national identity.

So I keep plugging away, but it’s hardly a chore. Truth be told, we’re all having fun roaming through old photos and videos.

Here’s one very short film I’ve come across, which sticks right on theme. Like every other Spanish town and city, León’s quiet streets and plazas come alive as darkness falls. This dinner, enjoyed at the relatively early hour (for Spain) of 9pm, was wonderful. The easy holiday mode has kicked in, plates of food keep coming, and the bottles keep moving.

Finally, a totally unrelated splash of summer warmth as we burrow deeper into winter’s long shadows. Thanks go to No. 1, who helped me out with Piscina Plunge Slow Mo (and to Nos. 2 and 4 for being willing plunging participants).

Back to the food … it’s a hard task …



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