Luffa plant needs wine

I know this is a reasonably big glass of wine.

Luffa plant, wine, wineoclock, Malawi, Africa, kids, family, Asturias, Spain, blog, travel

It is much required. Vino’clock came knocking on my door this evening, with some urgency, after my precious Malawian luffa plant was ridden into at (what appeared to be similar to) supersonic speed by one of my cherubic children on a bike.

Recently replanted after its happy holiday with a kind friend (instead of being carted around Spain), during which time it grew and grew and grew …

… it was clearly content in its sunny new spot by our back door.

Then – a sudden smash of terracotta and careless, wild scattering of soil left my vigorous African luffa lying splayed out, with its fresh and fast-growing tendrils desperately seeking the support of its now destroyed home.

What followed was not exactly an apology.

I promised my son (which narrows down the culprit to one of three rather than one of four) that I wouldn’t post an #Instagram #instaphoto of his casual demolition. So I have shared my rescue of wine instead. Which is from Castilla y León, in an incidental effort to quicken the drafting of the first of my Spanish blog posts.

However, I forgot to promise not to share a photo here.

Luffa plant, wine, wineoclock, Malawi, Africa, kids, family, Asturias, Spain, blog, travel

How careless of me.

For the record, my children have only been back at school for one (blissful) day after more than six weeks. It’s been wonderful – the holidays, I mean – but it was time for the kids to return to classes. Perhaps tomorrow I would have seen the funnier side of my little luffa’s mishap 😉

In the meantime, I’ll get back to some calming jottings about the beautiful beaches of Asturias …

Llanes, Porrúa, Asturias, Celtic, beaches, playas, Playa de Andrín, Andrín, Spain, España, holidays, Northern Spain, Cantabria, Picos de Europa, family travel, kids, travel, cider, sidra, trabanco, Atlantic, sea, seaside, la sierra de cuera, Playa de Palombina, Celorio, bolo palma, la bolero, bar la bolero, sidrería, Sidrería la Peña ‘l Cura

¡Hasta pronto!



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