Horsing around in Extremadura

No. 1 comes to my aid.

Warming homemade Mediterranean food with friends (Moro and Ottolenghi) … climbing up to a chalky Iron Age hill fort for a view of the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower … Bosham Harbour and a tense but beautiful family walk (maybe more on that later) – deep discussions interspersed with bird-watching and searching for King Canute’s poor drowned daughter’s resting place.

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A half-term break at home and with grandparents – modest in aim, but not without exploration or discovery. The South Bank in London with friends, and a late afternoon trip to the Natural History Museum (my arguments about lengthy queues battered down by the kids’ persuasively repetitious pleadings).

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Never forgetting our local haunts and a spot of double photo bombing ….

So how has No. 1 helped?

Hearing me fret that I hadn’t had time to do a blog post about the week, he quietly put together a You Tube video of our summer stay in Extremadura, Spain. He then gently advised me that – if I am serious about this blogging lark – I really ought to be posting videos on a regular basis (but not of him).

So here you have it, our first attempt:

Since No. 1 has been so kind to me, and time remains short, I will not return to the fraught and very chilly (in more ways than one) Bosham Harbour walk. And I will endeavour not to share any other short films involving him. Oops. From now on.







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